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    Pre-heat solar water heater

    1. The copper coil inside of the non-pressure tank can bear 0.7MPa during the operation
    2. There is assistant tank which can load the water automatically
    3. The vacuum tube heat the water and supply hot water to the tank, then the water in the copper coil can be heated by the hot water in the water tank
    4. It is pre-heating and heat exchange process

    1. Detailed information


    Working principle

    This system relies on natural circulation, there is copper coil in the water tank, which is used to exchange heat and get hot water, tank just works as boiler, which will supply heat to copper coil, when water goes through copper coil , it will get heat from hot water via copper coil

    Product specifictions

    Wanter tankInner tankSUS304-2B
    Outer tank SUS304-2B or galvanized steel
    InsulationPolyurethane foam (50,55,60mm)
    Flow typeThermosyphon
    Copper coil Φ12/16/19mm, thickness 1mm
    TubesTube diameter Φ58/1800mm
    Evacuated tubeHigh boron-silicon,3.3

    Coating of absorber on glass tube

    Aluminium,stainless steel,copper
    Frame Frame material SUS201,Aluminium,Galvanized steel