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    Solar thermal collector

    It used with heat preservation water tank, solar power workstation and the pipe. The solar collector is consisted of super conducting vacuum heat collecting tube and header, so it's of great efficiency of heat collecting. The absorbing percentage of the glass vacuum collector is more than 94%. In the sunny days of spring or autumn, each collecting tube could make the water up to 90 degrees centigrade only in 2.5 hours.

    1. Detailed information


    图片3.png1) Material of manifold is Aluminum alloy.

    2) Copper heat pipe for rapid heat transfer.

    3) Max. pressure bearing: 8bar/116psi.

    4) ISO9001

    5) 5 years warranty.

    6) Corrosion resistant brazed copper header.

    7) Attractive design, standard frame suitable for pitched roof or flat roof.

    8) Easy plug-in installation.

    9) Improve the environment and save your fuel cost.

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    Solar Collector General Specifications

    ManifoldHeader pipe Copper [1.0mm]
    Insulation Rock wool
    Flow type Heat pipe
    TubesHeat pipe material TU1/TU2 copper
    Heat pipe size Top:¢14*1mm;Body:¢8*0.6mm/0.7mm/0.8mm
    Start-up Temperature of heat pipe <=30℃
    Heat transfer fluid Anti_freeze Fluid (Water-Glycol)
    Tube diameter ¢58/1800mm
    Evacuated tube High boron-silicon
    Coating of absorber on glass tube Aluminium,stainless steel,copper
    FrameFrame material SUS201(1.2mm) or Aluminium alloy frame(3.0mm)
    Maximum operation pressure (Bar) 6