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Home > Product > Flat Plate Solar Collector

    Pressurized flate plate solar water heater

    Main Features
    Reliable and stable performance with daily efficiency over 54%
    High efficiency flat panel for fast and direct solar water heating
    High pressure hot water supply from solar storage tank
    Compatible with electric or gas heating devices
    Working all year round even in frozen winter
    Designed for 25 years working life

    1. Detailed information

    Working principle

    The collector absorbs solar energy and transmits it to the water tank through circulation. When the temperature of the collector reaches the set value, the controller starts the circulation pump automatically.The circulation pump makes heat-conducting liquid circulate automatically. Then the heat-conducting liquid transfers heat to water by heat exchanger in the tank to heat the water.

    Product Specification

    Flat Plate Solar CollectorGlazing Low iron tempered glass 3.2 MM
    Absorber Black chrome coated aluminum plate
    Header TP2 copper pipe size Φ22*0.8 MM
    RiserTP2 copper pipe size Φ8*0.6 MM
    Insulation High-density fiber glass back & sides
    Casing Anodized aluminum alloy frame
    Hot Water TankInner tankFood-grade stainless steel SUS304/ SUS316
    Insulation High-density PU foam preserves heat 80 hours
    Tank shell Painted color steel ( stainless steel shell is available )
    BracketPainted color steel,stainless steel
    Optional DevicesAssistant tank, solar controller, electrical heater, magnesium anode
    Collector Angle25 ~ 45°

    Flat plate solar collector

    Flat panel collectors absorb solar irradiation for hot water heating, pool heating, house and floor heating. It could be used in open loop for direct water heating, also in closed-loop for indirect solar water heating applications