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  1. Heat pipe vacuum tube
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Heat pipe vacuum tube

Performance of Heat Pipe:
1). High Thermal Conductivity, Heat conductivity of heat pipe is much higher than the common metal, from the above table, we can see that because it transfers heat inside heat pipe by gas and liquid phase, heat resistance is very small, so the axial heat conductivity is very high, while the radial heat conductivity is general.
2). Good Isothermal Performance, When heat pipe is working, the working fluid temperature inside it is saturation, the saturated working fluid temperature is the same, but it will absorb or release a lot of heat, therefore, heat pipe can transfer much heat under isothermal circumstances theoretically, whose outside behavior is the isothermal performance of heat pipe which is very good. The axial temperature of heat pipe is almost the same.
3). Reversibility of Heat Flow, a heat pipe with wick, if only the capilary force is enough, it will begin transfer heat, so that it makes the temperature of two ends tends to equal.

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Features of Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube:

Solar heat pipe vacuum tube, there is anti-freeze liquid as heat- transferring medium in heat pipe which is hollow inside evacuated, by this design the water never goes into glass vacuum tube so the tube will never be broken in extremely cold weather, efficiency generated by heat pipe vacuum tube is about 55% in summer and 42% in winter more than that of normal glass vacuum tube, this type is especially for pressurized solar water heating system.



Technical Data of Solar Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube:

Flow typeHeat pipe
Heat pipe material T2 copper
Heat pipe sizeTop condenser: Ø14* 1mm;
Body: Ø8* 0.7mm
Tube diameter φ47/1500mm or φ58/1800mm
Solar vaccum glass tube High boron-silicon
Coating of absorber on glass tubeAl-N-Al,Copper,Stainless steel
fins around heat pipelong Aluminum(1.68m)
Thickness of vacuum tube(mm) 1.6
Heat transfer liquid Water, Anti-freeze Fluid (Water-Glycol)
Max working temp 300C
Thermal Expansion 3.3x106° C
Absorptance > 92%(AM1.5)
Emittance< 8% (80° C)
Heat Loss < 0.8W / (m² ° C)
Maximum Strength 0.8Mpa