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Home > Product > Compact pressurized solar water heater

    Compact pressurized solar water heater

    1) Pressurized tank, working pressure 6 bar, Max testing pressure12 bar.
    2) Reliable and efficient three-target solar tubes.
    3) No water in the tubes,but with heat pipe for rapid heat transfer,so it can work will in winter without freeze.
    4) Easy plug-in installation.
    5) Free maintenance.
    6) Stable solar conversion during the day.
    7) Ideal for home applications.

    1. Detailed information

    How it works:


    1) Connect with tap water piping directly. Water is fed automatically by the water pressure. The vacuum tubes absorb the sun energy and transfer the heat to the tank via the copper heat pipe and the water temperature of tank is gradually heated.

    2) If the water is expand and pressure rise to more than 6 bar. The PT valve will release automatically.

    3) The electric heater can be operated for backup heating.

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    Product specifications

    Water tankInner tankSUS304-1.2mm
    Outer tankSUS201 or Galvanized steel
    Insulation Polyurethane foam
    Flow typeHeat pipe
    TubeHeat pipe materialTU1/TU2 copper
    Heat pipe size Top:Φ 14*1mm;Body:Φ 8*0.6mm/0.7mm/0.8mm
    Start-up Temperature of heat pipe <=30℃
    Tube diameterΦ 58/1800mm
    Evacuated tubeHigh boron-silicon,3.3
    Coating of absorber on glass tubeAluminium,stainless steel,copper
    FrameFrame materialSUS201 or Galvanized steel
    Maximum operation pressure 6 Bar